Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stop the Next War Now

Are you feeling “alienated from the basic institutional structures of society”? Does the state of our democracy seem hollowed out and unresponsive to the needs of it’s working class citizens? Then perhaps you are willing to consider that the most “basic institutional structure” of global society, the capitalist economic system, is in fact the prime impediment to peace, prosperity and progress in the human social condition.

No matter what political “parties” are in power the capitalist nations of the world are ALWAYS at war or in a heightened state of preparedness for war. This not only drains the precious resources of the planet, and ends the lives of primarily working class young men and women, but also promotes a culture of fear and violence. No matter how much we support and contribute to environmental organizations, critical eco-systems are being destroyed at an ever- accelerating rate. No matter how many millions of tons of food sit in storage or are thrown out as waste, hundreds of thousands die every day of causes directly related to malnutrition in the developing world, most of these women and children. No matter how hard we try to promote human rights, poverty and war disrupt the lives of vast populations.

It is true that liberal reforms of the last century have helped to improve the lives of millions of people, saved some of our precious landscapes and species and are worth fighting for. But along with these efforts a local political movement is needed to strike at the root of the problem and join the international struggle for a real, lasting and comprehensive justice for all peoples and creatures. This means replacing the brutal, predatory, isolating and competitive values fostered by neo-liberal capitalism with the co-operative, collective, ethical and just values of an economic system built on sustainability rather than profit, trust rather than fear, true participatory democracy rather than aggression, greed and the whims of the ruthless Market.

Terrorism, religious fanaticism and racism breed on poverty, ignorance and the wounds of historical injustice. A REAL war on terrorism means ending poverty, educating people in every part of the globe and establishing governments accountable to the people rather than corporations. The great disparities in wealth must end and a truly global economy built to benefit all who are willing to work. Building on the work of Marx, Engles, Gramsci, Trotsky, Althusser, Habermas and many, many others, contemporary thinkers are creating a clear vision of this just and sustainable future. If you are tired of the two party structure upon which the façade of American “democracy” rests and are willing to make the revolutionary leap towards a collective, focused process for change I am organizing a conference to be held later this winter titled Rebuilding A Socialist Alternative. If you are interested in participating please contact me at: or visit my blog at : http://

Another World Is Possible , It Is Our World To Win


Blogger George Charlson said...

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Blogger Nicholas said...

This was an interesting post Troutsky. The only things that I might add or comment are: 1) the need to strees that poverty and ignorance contribute to racism yes, but that the seeds of racist reaction and the economic relations and structures that create racism are laid by the bourgeoisie and capitalism, not just springing naturally from poverty. 2) It is necessary I think to stress how the oppression of one class by another, how the power of capitalist makes it impossible to create an eco-capitalism. Like Socialism or barbarism. Hope to hear your thoughts.

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